IOT DEVELOPMENT SERVICES is rapidly transforming into IoE (Internet of Everything). Each device connected with the Internet can represent itself digitally and no longer just connects to the user but also to other devices and databases in the network. IOT Development has been a leading solutions provider years before Connectivity was termed as “TECMYER Internet Of Things”. Tecmyer was originally founded as a Hardware and Embedded Systems Designing & Development company and inspired by our customer demands, Tecmyer evolved into a complete solution provider gaining expertise in Chip Level Programming, Embedded Software, Firmware/APIs Development, Mobility, Big Data & Cloud Solutions, SDK Development and more to empower our clients, leverage our expertise and automate business processes to reduce costs and maximize revenues.

All TECMYER IOT applications are different, and our experience is in architecting solutions for specific problems.  Every system we design and build follows these principles:

  • It must be Reactive (Event Driven, Scalable, Resilient and Responsive)
  • It must be secure
  • It must deliver actionable results

We use a combination of the best open source and commercially available technologies to build systems by

  • Integrating sensors or control units to your system of things
  • Connecting and managing sensors within a network
  • Implementing Cloud/server data storage
  • Building engines to analyze data and extract pertinent information
  • Developing applications that automatically react to events and deliver actionable information

What we Offer

Board Design and Firmware Development

Cloud platforms – AWS, Windows Azure, IBM Bluemix, Google Apps and

iOS, Android, J2ME, Windows, Linux, JQuery Mobil

SQL, Big Data, NoSQL, DataScience

A Multi Radio IoT Gateway/Bridge

PaaS – Connected Home and Connected Home Monitoring Client

Connected Health Sensors – Wearable Patch & Sensor Validation

Postifier – Mail notification over Bluetooth

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We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality